Claudia Roblee added a post to ArtVentures Marketplace

Claudia Roblee added a post to ArtVentures Marketplace

What a great morning this has been. Had some running around to do before I opened the store. Stopped at a drive thru for some coffee and the woman ahead of me paid for my coffee! So I did the same for the person behind me. Hope it kept going. Did my heart good.

As soon as I opened the store I had two new clients who had seen the 30th Anniversary posts, wanted to save 30%, and brought in framing to be done. Great stories behind both pieces.

If you have art under your bed that you bought at an art fair 5 years bring it in. If you have a special memento you don’t know how to display, family photos, vacation photos, bring them all in before tomorrow at 5 pm to receive our 30% savings celebrating our 30th anniversary. Only today and tomorrow is left to take advantage of innovative design, quality workmanship and excellent customer service with 30% savings.

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